LightSwitch Extras is the number one source of premium shells for LightSwitch anywhere on the internet. Choose from our collection of incredible shells to help give your LightSwitch applications that professional look.

The collection includes the following shells:


You can buy the OutlookBar shell separatly or buy DELORDSON Shell Pack which contains 6 shells – the Default Shell 2012, the Default Shell Top 2012, the Tabbed Menu Shell, Tiled Menu Shell, Touchstrip Menu Shell and the TreeView Shell.

Each shell comes with installs that work with both versions of LightSwitch. The ‘VS11’ versions of the shell should be installed using the ‘Microsoft Visual Studio Version Selector’. All other shells should be installed using the ‘VSIXInstaller.exe’.


  • Each Shell includes installable VSIX files for both LightSwitch v1 and v2 or both
  • Use of icons in the navigation menus
  • Fully implemented LightSwitch validation in all shells
  • LightSwitch theme integration using themes by DELORDSON


Known Issues:

These shells are optimized to work best with the current LightSwitch default office style theme but also work well with themes by Delordson, though some Delordson themes will need to be updated at some stage to take full advantage of these shells. This shell is not guaranteed to produce good results with other themes including (at this time) the new Cosmopolitan theme.

GET Now:

  • The source code is or will be available on GitHub –


Screen Shots:


Figure 1 – The DELORDSON Default Shell 2012


Figure 2 – The DELORDSON Default Shell 2012 Top


Figure 3 – The DELORDSON Tabbed Menu Shell


Figure 4 – The DELORDSON Tiled Mennu Shell


Figure 5 – The DELORDSON Touch Strip Shell


Figure 6 – The DELORDSON Tree View Shell


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